Karaoke Goals
This Online Voice Course for you if you want to find more confidence singing.
Vocal Training for Aspiring Singers
More courses for aspiring singers of all types coming soon
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Karaoke Goals Course

Voice Training for karaoke singers

Karaoke Goals is for you if you want to find more confidence singing. If you have dreams of making your vocal debut and just need a bit of guidance from a voice expert!


Singer Feedback Service

Online Voice Assessment for singers

Our Singer Feedback Service is an online service which provides specific assessments of your singing and performance so you can feel confident belting out those tunes!


Online vocal training, at your own pace

We are here to help you learn how to have more vocal control and gain confidence in your singing. Whether you are a producer working with singers, a karaoke enthusiast who wants to take performing to the next level, or a songwriter who wants to feel comfortable recording their demos and gigging, we will offer short focused lessons that break down important concepts and get you singing right away!

Choose a course that suits you


Producer's Guide to Singers

Do you need help learning how to get a better performance from the singers you work with?


Karaoke Goals

Do you want to level up your performances and increase your vocal abilities in your Karaoke singing?




Choir Singer

Do you want to sharpen your choral singing skills and improve your ability to sing harmony?


Beginning Singer

Do you want to gain confidence in your singing and learn what your voice can do?


Instrumentalist/ Songwriter

Do you want to sing on gigs and record your own demos?

Beginning Singers practising voice exercises and vocal warm ups

Adlib and Improvise

Do you want to learn to ad-lib, improvise  and improve your ear?

An introduction from our Principal
voice teacher Susan Hanlon MA

What do we offer in our voice courses?

Why study with Flameleaf?

Exploration and Fun

Flameleaf builds each of our courses to inspire and empower you to unlock the singer within.

Many of us want to improve our singing but we aren’t ready to commit to the intensive, rigorous & expensive training that professional singers pursue.

We are for you if you want to

  • Learn how to sing with confidence
  • Learn to sing on your own demos
  • Sing in a choir
  • Improve your vocal tone & stamina
  • Provide backing vocals in your band
  • Be better at karaoke
  • Sing outside of the shower (and sing better inside the shower too!)

We offer guided courses where you can explore singing, improve your abilities and take your singing to the next level. The best part is that you can do all of this without fear of harsh critiques or embarrassment when you are first beginning.


How do we help you be a better singer ?

We offer specific voice exercises, vocal warmups  and lessons to help you improve range, agility, stamina, breath management, vocal tone, diction & lyric delivery.

If you aren’t quite ready to get one-on-one coaching or you can’t make an investment for private vocal study, FVA offers vocal workouts and lessons that are self paced and available to you in the comfort of your own space!

Our courses are built to be affordable and offer a practical approach to studying voice. You will gradually improve your vocal control and your confidence with singing!

Female singer practicing exercises and vocal warm ups from Flameleaf Vocal Academy.

Our People - Experienced Working Musicians

Susan Hanlon-Voice Coach. CEO and Co-Founder of Flameleaf Vocal Academy

Susan Hanlon MA

CEO and Head Coach


Brian Johnstone BSc (Hons)

CTO and Head Producer

Vocal training for aspiring singers

It's about you and your voice

If you have the drive and patience to follow our recommended guideline, you will notice an improvement in your sound and your ability!

Voice Training - Private Online Coaching

What happens if you get through level 1 and want more? Do you want style-specific training? Want feedback on your videos? We offer all of these options as well as private online coaching.

Improve your singing on your terms and at your pace!

Female singer performing on stage

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