How does it work?

  1. You record a video of yourself singing a song that you want help with
  2. Submit your song to our online service and let us know if you have a specific concern you would like help with, or if you just want an overall opinion from us.
  3. We review your video and provide personalized feedback with 48 hours on specific ways to improve your performance and help smooth out the issue that most concerns you.

Its quick and easy

  1. Record your singing on whatever you have available (mobile phone, tablet, computer, pro video)


  2. Get feedback and improvement recommendations from our head voice teacher who has 17 years of professional voice coaching experience and has helped hundreds of singers from beginners to professionals increase their singing abilities.

  3. Get an opinion from a voice professional

  4. Get feedback specific to your issues and find ways to increase your strength, agility, volume, style and sound!

Singer Feedback Service

Choose your option

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account


$ 20
  • 1 song
  • Personalised Feedback
  • 48 hr response


$ 30
  • All the Bronze
  • PLUS
  • 3 specific exercises for you
  • Starter pack of 3 additional exercises


$ 40
  • All the Silver
  • PLUS
  • You submit a follow up
  • Feedback on your second submission
  • Taster pack of additional exercises
  • Vocal Health Cheatsheet
  • Discounted personal lesson (via zoom)

Take it Further

Want to get more personalized attention and dive deeper into your singing? Working with Flameleaf Vocal Academy doesn’t have to be a one time feedback experience. You can continue to use our services as you like and you only pay for the service when YOU want it.

Submit a video and let us send you some specific things you can do to improve

Apply our suggestions and send a second video to let us see your progress and give you adjustments

Repeat as many times as you need

If you want even more time and attention, book a private online coaching for real time instruction with our vocal coaches

Young aspiring singers practising karaoke using Flameleaf Vocal Academy vocal warmups and voice exercises

Feel confident belting out those tunes!

Unique Voice Exercises and Warm ups available to buy soon

Check out our range of unique vocal warm up exercises in a wide range of styles.

Each exercise was designed to address or improve a specific purpose/technique and written and produced in our own studio.

Listen to some examples