Online singing courses for aspiring singers

You can gain comfort and confidence in your singing!

Experienced Professionals

At Flameleaf Vocal Academy, our vocal coaches are fully qualified and experienced music professionals.

We have worked with hundreds of singers one-on-one and have helped them: 

  • gain the confidence to sing in front of others
  • develop their voices
  • find their sound
  • launch their music careers
  • dive into fulfilling musical projects             


We have many years of experience so rest assured that you are getting high quality advice, based on years of teaching singers from beginners through professional recording artists.

Our instructors have performance and recording experience and stay up to date with the latest techniques through continuing professional development.  

About Us

Why learn with Flameleaf?

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

We are trained and experienced professionals. We are working musicians who choose to teach and want to help you discover your vocal abilities! 

Practical real world solutions

We understand the issues faced by singers at different levels of development and we offer tools and solutions that target specific needs that you have.


Our friendly informal approach helps you feel at ease to take the leap and improve your singing abilities. 

A focus on building your Confidence

Confidence is often a game changer when it comes to singing ability. By developing your technique, control and delivery, you can feel secure and therefore more confident in your singing!

Affordable Professional Coaching/Training

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ” ~ Albert Einstein

Ordinarily coaching of this level from our coaches would be unobtainable for many people due to scheduling, costs, access or other constraints.

With our online self-paced vocal training, you can get access to valuable advice by experienced coaches for a small and affordable fee.

If you want to pursue things further, we have more courses, more exercises, and additional learning opportunities for you – so you can grow and develop your singing skills at your pace and your budget.

Go ahead and dream big! Sign up for the course that is right for you and we can help you get one step closer to that goal!

You don't need to be a superstar singer
Expand your range and improve your abilities today