The Producer's
Guide to Singers

A voice course
for Music Producers

Develop more empathy with your singers

Surely Producers understand how to record singers, right?
Maybe, but do they know, feel and understand what a singer experiences in the studio?

This course lets them understand what singers feel and helps the producer to get more empathy, better vocal delivery, a more polished song ….and maybe even more gigs as the “Producer who singers want to work with”.


You don’t really know a skill until you have experienced it first hand.

You may be a producer who has never actually sung or recorded your own voice in a studio.

Can you really guide a singer, extract a great performance and offer support and advice from behind the control room window?

Now is your chance to learn how it feels and then take those lessons into the studio to improve your sessions! Become a Producer who really understands singers!

Female singer performing at an open mic night

Why would a producer need to learn to sing?

That’s a very good question. We’re glad you asked.

Recording in a studio can be exhilarating and nerve racking all at the same time for all musicians.

But none more than singers. Nerves, environment, being in the spotlight, physiology and biochemistry all affect a singer far more than any other instrumentalist.

Trying to deliver a top vocal performance with all these factors is a big undertaking and requires skill, technique, encouragement, practice and commitment.

As a producer, it usually falls to you to get the best performance from your singers which requires good people skills, good engineering skills and a high degree of humanity.

Producers often don’t really appreciate or understand how it actually feels being a singer in the studio environment. Telling (or worse, yelling at) your singer to just ‘sing in tune’ is not the answer.

So what is the answer? Try it yourself, that way you know how it feels and can have a more meaningful conversation with your singer and help them to deliver a better performance. Take the course today.

The Producers Guide to Singers

This course ‘The Producers Guide to Singers’ is built to do exactly that. It is intended, not to turn you into a ‘superstar singer’, but to give YOU an appreciation of what a singer feels and must focus on in the recording studio. 

Be the Producer that singers want to work with.

If you understand the singers needs and the artists understand your needs, it makes a better recording and everyone is happier!

Condenser mic for singing on mixer
Aspiring female singer singing in the recording studio singing into a condenser microphone and pop shield

Be the 'Go to' Producer for singers!

Get more Producer gigs

The music business is a people and relationships business. As a Music Producer you probably already have good people skills, good technical skills and good engineering skills.

But adding singing to your skills  will make you much more marketable and in tune (Yes, pun intended!) with your performers and singing talent.

Get an appreciation of the art of singing with Flameleaf Academy’s course “The Producers Guide to Singers”.

Empathy goes a long way in the music recording process

Singing is an organic and physiological thing

Understanding how a singer can correct tuning issues, stylize a phrase to make it more relevant, adjust the lyric delivery to capture the line more meaningfully, or achieve a more energized sound in a take, can give you an edge in your recording sessions.

You will improve the way you guide singers through the session and will keep the mood a positive one which keeps everyone more productive and positive!

In singing everyone has a unique instrument

As every human has a unique instrument, no two people can produce the same sound. For a producer to really understand what a singer needs to adjust to achieve a specific sound, you really need to have at least a basic understanding of singing and vocal technique.

Developing empathy and understanding can make a huge difference to the singer and to the end result.

Everyone wants a better performance from a relaxed, focused, practiced, skilled singer; input, advice, encouragement and guidance can bring out the best performance from your singers.

Stand apart from other producers

Be the 'Go To' producer for singers