Brian Johnstone CTO of Flameleaf Vocal Adademy


Brian Johnstone

BSc (Hons)

Brian Johnstone defies categorization. An engineer by training, an entrepreneur by necessity, and a musician by sheer tenacity, Brian’s professional and artistic accomplishments epitomise his exacting work ethic and insatiable love of learning. A pianist from the age of 16, Brian holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Engineering, is the co-founder of one of the UK’s oldest web design and marketing businesses, and is a prolific songwriter and recording artist. He is the founder of Arvida Music, a recording label designed for musicians who embrace diverse genres, eclectic sounds, and artistic honesty.

A composer whose work ranges from edgy to enlightened, Brian has released six albums, both solo and collaborative (with more in the works!), and he has had the privilege of co-writing songs with legends as diverse as Garry Tallant, Judie Tzuke and Redrama. In addition to managing multiple businesses and artistic pursuits, he is an avid traveler (32 countries so far!), played rugby union for many years, and is a former competitive ballroom dancer. Brian is living proof that, with diligence and grit, it is possible to create a life that is both professionally and artistically fulfilling…and he would recommend ignoring anyone who claims otherwise.