Susan Hanlon MA. Voice coach Dallas Texas


Susan Hanlon


Susan Hanlon has built a career around setting singers up for the spotlight, and she’s ready to do it for you too. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in voice and a Master’s in Music with an emphasis in vocal pedagogy, along with decades of teaching and performing experience to back up those fancy degrees. Over the course of her career, she has logged countless hours on the stage and in the recording studio, and she has released two jazz albums (so far!). The most recent album, Louder Every Minute, was co-produced by Susan and features her original songs. In addition to her work at Flameleaf, Susan operates a bustling voice studio in McKinney, TX.

Part cheerleader, part Sherlock Holmes, Susan loves helping singers accomplish their goals and solve their vocal mysteries. She believes that every singer deserves to be appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the art form, and through both her teaching studio and her work with Flameleaf, she strives to create a space of belonging for all voices. When not teaching, performing, or creating content for Flameleaf, you can find Susan binging podcasts (Hidden Brain, anyone?), back-porch sitting with her family, or cuddling with her newly-adopted pup, Bruce Wayne.