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Tips for a successful singing audition

How to have a successful audition:

You are about to have a singing audition. Maybe it’s your first audition for a local band, an assessment for a music conservatory, an audition for session work or your 30th audition this year for a musical production.

What ever your vocal audition circumstances, you want to be successful.

These are a few tips that I share with my clients regardless of what type of audition they are preparing for. Feeling fully prepared will always help you to audition with more confidence!

Your Health and Vocal Health

Take care of your body because your instrument is part of that body! (eat well, get sleep, drink water)

Hydrate your body and prepare your voice

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate !!! Your vocal folds cannot stay lubricated (and therefore sounding clear and happy) if you don’t have enough hydration traveling through your blood stream. Remember….water that you drink does not touch your vocal folds (nothing you eat or drink touches them!)

Do some vocal Warm ups and then rest

On the day of the audition, warm up your voice and sing through your songs a couple of times and then rest. You don’t want to sing or talk too much leading into your audition. Check out our vocal Warm up Exercises.

Prior to the audition day, you want to work your repertoire and establish a daily vocal exercise and warmup routine. The more consistency you use in preparation, the more consistent your voice will perform. You want your focus on the emotion and performance rather than worrying about how that high note will come out!

Plan Ahead

Allow plenty of time for travel to the location. The last thing you want is to feel rushed and panicked as you fight for a parking spot!

Mental Preparation for Singing and performance

Give yourself time to mentally focus once you are at the audition location. This means maybe you don’t chat with everyone the whole time you are waiting for your turn. (Nervous energy is contagious and you will probably keep things better in check if you don’t have a bunch of nervous people talking about how nervous they are)

Vocal Breathing Exercises

If you feel your heart racing and it’s causing trembling, try and do some breathing exercises to calm yourself. You can breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you can make your exhale twice as long as your inhale, it can help calm your nervous system. If you can, pop into the restroom and do some power poses, they always help!

Keep your focus on YOU!

When you are outside the audition room, remember that even if you think the singer in there is the best singer you have ever heard… you can go in there and be even more musical! Do not allow yourself to feel intimidated! You never know what they are looking for and it might be exactly what you have!

The show must go on

Whatever happens in the room…keep singing! Mistakes happen, its okay! Keep singing and you never know what can happen!

Focus on Musicality and Delivery

Above all else, make the panel feel energized by your musicality!! They want to love your audition and they want you to succeed!

Recognize your growth and be proud of yourself for auditioning

Know that no matter what the results are, being selected/cast does not determine your worth as a singer! You went in there and you showed up for it and gave it your all. That is all you can control. Remember each audition you participate in will teach you something, will sharpen your skills, will allow you to network and will get you in front of people who make the casting decisions. Always show kindness and professionalism and you never know when someone may think of you for another project down the road!